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Host A Water Park Party In Your Own Backyard

  When hot summer days have your kids itching for some water fun, why not throw your own BYOP Party (Bring Your Own Pool) and create a water park oasis right in your own backyard! The concept is simple; invite your neighbors, friends, relatives or playgroup over for a Water Park Party. Ask each to  Continue Reading »

Birthday Party Tips

Birthdays are the most celebrated event on earth!  Make yours extra special, by honoring the birthday person and entertaining the guests. For easy planning, use this Birthday Party Checklist: Invitations Create unique and personal invitations with photos. Include a small token, a balloon or blowout with the invitation. Song lyrics or common phrases are a  Continue Reading »

A Royal Tea Party

  With the Royal Wedding fast approaching there’s a lot of Buzz about english traditions. Why not celebrate like the Royals. Who doesn’t love the fanciful fun; dressing up in pretty hats and tiaras, drinking tea and dining on cookies & crumpets. Who to invite? If you have children, this is a great play date!  Continue Reading »

Retirement Party Tips

  Invitations Create unique and personal invitations with photos. Send an index card and ask each guest to write down a memory or funny story about the Retiree and bring it to the party. Put out a Card Box for the memory cards, or put them all in an album with photos from the party  Continue Reading »

How To Plan A Birthday Party For A Preschooler

Wow! Your preschooler is celebrating her birthday! She’s finally old enough to invite her own friends to join the fun.  With a mind of her own, she probably knows exactly what theme she wants too! (If you’re still deciding, check out over 70 age- appropriate choices Kids Birthday Party Themes ) Preschool Party Tips: Get  Continue Reading »

Link-O-Loons Tutorial – Heart of Hearts Ceiling Mobile

INTRODUCTION This design is very long lasting since the balloons are all filled with air. For precision-sized balloons that are filled fast and perfect every time, I prefer to use a Conwin Precision Inflator with nitrogen. The Duplicator 2 or Dual Split Second Sizer works with latex and foils and is perfect with helium or  Continue Reading »

Link-o-Loons Tutorial – Ball Dodecahedron

INTRODUCTION The LINK-O-LOON® is a geometric marvel. They are quick to inflate and join to form self-supporting, three dimensional structures. This ball uses only 30 x 30cm (12”) LINK-O-LOON® and 20 x 12cm (5”) balloons to form a 1.8m (72”) ball. By adding foil stars, a stunning mirror ball is formed. As it rotates, the  Continue Reading »

Link-o-Loons Tutorial – Crystal Explosion

INTRODUCTION The excitement created by the Crystal Explosion is unmistakable. At fi rst sight, your eyes are instantly drawn towards the growth-like features. As an entrance ‘welcomer’, room fi ller or outdoor decoration, the ability to move with the breeze gives the Crystal EXPLOSION a lifelike appearance. With either a multicolor or stylized combination the  Continue Reading »

Theme Party Tips

  Theme Parties are a great way to celebrate just about any occasion. They entertain your guests, and encourage participation. They create conversation, and they simplify decorating. No matter what theme you choose, a theme will spice up any event! Start by choosing your theme. Create invitations that capture your theme, a giant sun or  Continue Reading »

Decorating Safety

As you get ready to decorate for that big event or party you’ve been planning, keep safety in mind when putting up your decorations. Here are some helpful reminders : Remember to keep exits clear of obstructions and well lighted. Open flames can be a hazard too, especially near luau decorations. Substitute with flameless candles  Continue Reading »


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