Party On A Budget

Post Date January 1, 2010

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Whether you’re planning the class reunion, your group’s formal dance party or a speaker presentation banquet, you have to start with a budget.

M&N Party Store is dedicated to providing you a variety of unique products with convenient service. As part of that service to you, we have prepared the attached Party Budget worksheet for you to use in your preparations.

The Party Budget worksheet is made up of entries that customers like you needed to plan and successfully host that big event. There might be many more line items than you imagined to plan that fundraiser dinner or class reunion, so use the Party Budget as a planning guide and idea spot for those extras that make your event special.

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We hope you will find this Party Budget worksheet a useful tool. As always, we appreciate receiving your feedback. Please contact us with any suggestions or ideas you may have. If you can suggest ways to improve it,