How to Host a Summer Games Birthday Party

Post Date June 10, 2010

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Summer Games Birthday Party. Now That’s  A Golden Idea!

Does the thought of another birthday party at the local arcade leave you feeling less than thrilled? Let’s face it, a dozen kids screaming for game tokens and prize tickets is probably not your idea of a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

This year host a Summer Games Party! We’ve come up with a few ideas for a birthday party that will be kind to your budget, and memorable for kids of any age.




Host the party at home to keep cost down, or look into local schools or fitness centers for use of a gymnasium.

Summer Games Birthday Party Invitations

Create your own simple invitations. List the location as the “Host Country” and the start time as “Opening Ceremony”     ‘

Summer Games Decorations

Decorate your space with Summer Games Rings,flags from various countries, balloons and streamers in  primary colors.


Summer Games Activities

Competition: carpet skiing, outdoor sledding, knee hockey, swimming, volleyball, track & field, and relays. You can do simple games like the egg and spoon race, or  the shoe kick.

Craft: Make Torches: cover empty tissue rolls with foil, then add flames with red, orange and yellow tissue paper.

Summer Games Food

Foods from around the world to compliment your cultural event; pizza from Italy, egg rolls from Asia, nachos from Mexico, hot dogs or burgers from the USA, and french fries from…well you know…France!

Summer Games Cake: Frost any flavor sheet cake with creamy white frosting and then make the colored rings using candy-coated chocolate pieces.

Ice Cream Torches: Use traditional sugar cones, fill them with orange sherbet or vanilla ice cream. Use red, orange or yellow sprinkles to create a “flame look.”

Summer Games Birthday Party Favors

Don’t forget Medals for all the guests. Check out the Gold, Silver and Bronze medallions for authentic looking Summer Games Medals!