Decorating Safety

Post Date October 16, 2010

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As you get ready to decorate for that big event or party you’ve been planning, keep safety in mind when putting up your decorations. Here are some helpful reminders :

Remember to keep exits clear of obstructions and well lighted.

Open flames can be a hazard too, especially near luau decorations. Substitute with flameless candles or take extra precautions. Remember, guests move things too, so try to make it fool proof.

Many people hang holiday lights each year, but all the extra wiring can be a fire hazard, whether indoor or outdoor.

It’s a great idea to have extra breakers and outlets installed for outdoor use. Don’t overload a circuit by hanging too many lights together, doing so could cause a fire. Inspect your lights every year and make sure there are no broken wires. Another option is to replace them each year. It saves time, is safer and allows you greater flexibility from season to season or event to event.

It’s also a good idea to hang only specifically marked outdoor lights on your home or office. Use hangers made for lights, as opposed to nails or staples, when hanging strings of lights. A staple gun on an electric wire is an accident waiting to happen.

Many experts say that you should consider putting your holiday lights on a timer, or turning them off completely when you’re gone or sleeping.