Link-o-Loons Tutorial – Ball Dodecahedron

Post Date October 24, 2010

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The LINK-O-LOON® is a geometric marvel. They are quick to inflate and join to form self-supporting, three dimensional structures. This ball uses only 30 x 30cm (12”) LINK-O-LOON® and 20 x 12cm (5”) balloons to form a 1.8m (72”) ball. By adding foil stars, a stunning mirror ball is formed. As it rotates, the foil stars glitter and shimmer.


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    • 30 x 30cm (12”) LINK-O-LOON®

Balloon sizer 20 x 12cm (5”) round balloons Air inflator

All LINK-O-LOONS® airfilled and sized to 28cm (11”).

    Make a circle of ten LINK-O-LOON®. Make two circles of five LINK-O-LOON®. Make ten single LINK-O-LOON®, each with a 12cm (5”) balloon on each end. Place the first circle of five on the ground. Using five of the balloons (from step 3) twist the 12cm (5”) balloons around each of the gaps in the circle (one on each gap). Add the circle of ten by twisting the 12cm (5”) balloons to every second gap in the circle of ten. Using the remaining 12cm (5”) ended LINK-O-LOON® twist a 12cm (5”) balloon on the remaining gaps of the circle of ten. Add the final ring of five by twisting the free ends left over from step 6.


    Air inflate 11 x 50cm (19”) foil stars and tape the ends out of sight. Using a low temperature glue gun or suitable adhesive, secure the stars in the star shaped gaps in the LINK-O-LOON® ball. HINT. Make sure you keep any heated glue away from the seams of the foil stars as heat may burst the seam. The space without a foil star is the top, and all rigging is done via this opening. The mirror ball is best when hung from a rotor.


    Construct the mirror ball as above using only 10 foil stars. The foil star at the base of the ball is replaced by a 40cm (18”) round latex balloon inflated to fill the gap firmly. The ball may be the filled or partly filled with air-filled 12cm (5”) balloons. The 12cm (5”) balloons can then be released by either bursting the 40cm (18”) balloon using an electric fuse or compressed air burster.

Once you’ve assembled a mirror ball you’ll be surprised how simple it is. You can amaze your clients with your creativity and ingenuity. Be well advised and experiment beforehand if you are going to rotate the mirror ball and burst it as well.