Link-O-Loons Tutorial – Heart of Hearts Ceiling Mobile

Post Date October 24, 2010

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This design is very long lasting since the balloons are all filled with air. For precision-sized balloons that are filled fast and perfect every time, I prefer to use a Conwin Precision Inflator with nitrogen. The Duplicator 2 or Dual Split Second Sizer works with latex and foils and is perfect with helium or nitrogen.

To fill big spaces, you can place four mobiles at all four points above a dance floor. Be sure to adjust the ribbon lengths according to your ceiling height. And, you can create beautiful dance floor decor by adding Link-O-Loons to join the mobiles for a perfectly defined dance floor that won’t trip up the guests with base plates, poles, etc. This design adapts easily for a variety of themes. For instance, for New Years Eve, baby messages for birth theme displays, birthday designs and more.


  • Megaloon X Silver 102cm (40″) Foil Shape
  • Red 260 latex
  • 28cm (11″) crystal red round latex
  • MagMover™ Ring Magnet
  • Red Heart 46cm (18″) Foil, Holographic
  • 117cm (46″”) Foil Shape, Holographic
  • Holographic curling ribbon
  • MagMover™ Adhesive Hang Tabs


  • To begin, secure a MagMover™ Adhesive Hang-Tab in the center on both sides of the Megaloon™ X and one each at all four ends of the Megaloon™. Add hang tabs at the top of each of the remaining foils. Next, air-fill all of the foil balloons and set them aside. Fill two 28cm (11″) round red latex balloons and tie the necks together to form a duplet. Repeat and twist the two duplets together at their necks to create a cluster.
  • To assemble the design, tie a 260 to one of the hang tabs on the Megaloon™ X leaving equal lengths of 260 tails. Tie the 28cm (11″) cluster in place with the 260 tails and then a MagMover™ Ring Magnet about 10cm (4”) from where the cluster is tied in place.
  • Suspend the holographic shape foil from it’s top hang tab to a length of holographic curling ribbon attached to the hang tab in the center of the Megaloon™ X. Measure and cut four equal sections of ribbon and tie the ends of each to the hang tabs on the ends of the Megaloon™. Tie each of the four 46cm (18″) foil hearts to the four ribbons making sure they are suspended evenly.
  • To place the design on the ceiling, use a telescoping pole like the MagPole™ with a MagMover™ magnet at the end. Secure the design’s Ring Magnet to the MagMover™ and attach it to a metal point on the ceiling. Viola! A long lasting design that can be assembled days ahead, transported and then quickly installed on site at your convenience.