Link-o-Loons Tutorial – Luau Column

Post Date October 24, 2010

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First impressions are usually lasting impressions. As the guests enter the venue, what could make them feel more regal than a walkway of free standing balloon columns. These are simple to construct, easily transported and have a very long float time. Once all the guests have arrived, they may be moved to mark the dance floor, decorate the DJ or Band area, the main table or placed around the room – customers see great value in the double use of décor items.


  • Entrance walkway
  • Either side of the stage
  • Corporate displays
  • Either side of buffet or cake table


  • 7 x 30cm (12”) LINK-O-LOONS®
  • 32 x 12cm (5”) Round Balloons
  • 1 x Foil Helium Shape
  • Weights
  • Helium
  • Balloon sizer
  • Curling ribbon


  • Inflate one LINK-O-LOON® to 30cm (12”) and attach to a weight

HINT. By blowing the LINK-O-LOON® with air to 15cm (6”) long then filling to 30cm (12”) with helium, the float time in this application is not compromised, but the balloons maintain their size for longer.

  • Continue adding LINK-O-LOONS® to form a chain of 7 using the LINK-O-LOON ® knot. (See b Decor titled ‘LINK-O-LOON® an Introduction)
  • Inflate the foil shape with helium and tie a 30cm (12”) piece of curling ribbon to the neck. Tie the ribbon to the tail of the top LINK-O-LOON®, leaving a gap of 0.5 to 1cm (0.2” to 0.4”) between the two balloons. Trim off excess ribbon. This will ensure that the foil helium shape will sit vertically on the top of your column at all times.
  • Inflate the 12cm (5”) round balloons with air and tie as duplets. Twist to form clusters of 4 and place between LINK-O-LOONS® to complete the column.

A cheaper but still effective column can be constructed without the addition of the 12cm (5”) collars.CONCLUSION
These quickly constructed columns can be added to most venue décor and because of their multiple uses are attractive to your customers. With the wonderful range of balloon colors available in both LINK-O-LOON® and 12cm (5”) balloons, you can present your customer with an almost unlimited choice from the sophisticated black and gold to the outrageous multi-color mix.