A Royal Tea Party

Post Date April 24, 2011

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With the Royal Wedding fast approaching there’s a lot of Buzz about english traditions. Why not celebrate like the Royals. Who doesn’t love the fanciful fun; dressing up in pretty hats and tiaras, drinking tea and dining on cookies & crumpets.

Who to invite?

If you have children, this is a great play date! Invite your childs closest friends and their moms or dads for a fancy english tea party.

No kids? No problem! Girls of all ages would love to celebrate like the brits do! Invite your girlfriends, neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family.


 How To Decorate

The table is the center of the party, so make it pretty!

Lace Tablecover

Castle Centerpiece

Pretty Plates & Napkins

Flower Pots


What To Wear

Fancy Hats

Feather Boas


Princess Costume or Fancy Dresses

What To Serve

Tea of course!

Serve a variety of teas for sampling. Hot & Cold. Herbal, fruity, flavored. Set out honey & sugar cubes with fun stir sticks.

Food, you’ll need some nosh with your tea!

Serve a variety of small bites. Below are a few recipes for simple & traditional tea party bites. Bet creative and throw in some of your favorites. Even PB&J cut in fancy shapes will be extra special.

Cucumber Sandwiches


Lemon Curd & English Muffins

Chocolate Chip Scones

Simple Shortbread

Most importantly have fun. Oh and don’t forget to drink your tea with a pinkie in the air.

Are you planning a royal celebration? We’d love to hear about it!