Ahoy Matey – Throw A Pirate Party

Post Date September 5, 2011

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Pirate Ship Balloon September 19th is known as International Talk Like A Pirate Day. What a great time to throw a Pirate Party! Of course any time of year would be just as much fun.

Whether you are hosting a child’s birthday party or an adult gathering, landlubbers will be delighted and entertained.




Create your own simple invitations on card stock. Send them with a Pirate Hat, Pirate Flag or Pirate Skull Capto get your guests in the “pirate” frame-of-mind and suggest they bring them for the party! Online invitations work well for adult gatherings.

Pirate Pinata


Choose fun pirate slang to write your invitations:

X marks the spot of thy friends party, come on ye and join us as we hunt for the treasure trove. Aye?

Grub and grog at (date), (time) (venue of the party) , what say ye?

Picaroon! Come in ye’r best pirate fit and don’t forget yer cutlass.

Avast Ye land lubbers report to the first mate, if ye is coming!

Pirate Names

Assign everyone their own pirate name. You can include it on the invitation, and then have name tags, place cards or pirate hats for all your guests with their new “pirate” name.

Pirate Name Generator


Pirate garb is a must! Have plenty of pirate hats, bandanas and eye patches for your guests, or dress up yourself and request that they all come in costume.

Pirate yard sign

You’re look won’t be complete unless you talk in Pirate Slang:

Pirate Slang Dictionary


Set the scene with  Pirate Party Decorations. Hang treasure maps, banners, pirate flags and yard signs.

A Pirate Party Décor Kit is a great way to save a few bucks and get everything you need.

Pirate photo prop Fun & Games

Plan some fun pirate events that will keep those swashbucklers entertained!

Set up a “plank” and make the losers walk the plank for fun!


Fill your pinata or treasure chest with fun pirate novelty items or send home a loot bag with all your guests filled with pirate treasures.  Pirate telescope


A pirate party has many options. Whether you Choose to go all out or keep it simple, it’s a fun way to celebrate. Ahoy Mateys!

What’s your favorite Pirate story or movie?