7 Easy Birthday Cakes

Post Date October 10, 2011

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Shutterstock_46459819 Your five year old is over-the-top excited for her Princess Birthday Party. Your local bakery has no princess cake. What’s a mom to do? Bake it yourself of course!

Sometimes the idea of baking and decorating your own cake can seem a bit overwhelming. But it really can be quite easy if you break down the steps and plan ahead.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Choose your design. Start with the birthday party theme, or your child’s favorite things; butterflies, frogs, lollipops?
  • Once you’ve chosen your design, plan it out with basic cake pan shapes like circle, square and rectangle. Practice with paper shapes. .
  • Make it easy on yourself and use a box cake mix and canned frosting, they’re easy and delicious. Always get two or three cans of white frosting. You’ll most likely want to color some of them and will need more than one can.
  • Use the right tools. Cake decorating is so much easier with a piping bag and cake decorating tools.
  • Simply bake the cakes according to the package directions, then assemble and decorate.
  • Don’t feel like you have to make a cake in a special shape. Sometimes it’s easier and just as much fun to bake a traditional shaped cake and put some fun decorations on it. Look at cake decorating stores in your area or online for some fun decorations. Or select some bright and colorful candies to decorate it. What child doesn’t like sugar on top of sugar?
  • Any Cake will look more special with themed birthday tableware & decorations, and don’t forget the candles!


Birthday Cake Ideas:

Princess Birthday Doll Cake

Butterfly Birthday Cake

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Train Birthday Cake

Pony Birthday Cake

Turtle Birthday Cake

Fire Truck Birthday Cake

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Always remember, frosting can fix anything. Your child does not expect perfection. They expect a cake lovingly made for them by their mom. So relax and have fun!

Share your birthday cake creations. We’d love to hear what you’ve created!