Bridal Shower Tips

Post Date November 6, 2011

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Create unique and personal invitations with photos.
Song lyrics or common phrases are a great addition to an invitation.
Send an index card and ask each guest to write down a memory or funny story about the bride-to-be and bring it to the party. Put out a card box for the memory cards, or put them all in an album with photos from the party for the bride-to-be.


Balloons, streamers, festooning, crepe, confetti and banners will look great in your wedding or theme colors. Fill your space with fun decorations. It’s time to celebrate!
A Custom Banner is perfect for a shower. The bride-to-be will feel honored seeing their name in print, and they will have a memento to keep.


Use disposable tableware to make your job easier. Pick a pretty design, or choose two or three theme colors or wedding colors, and mix them up.
Plastic glassware is fancy looking, but affordable and disposable. Great for any shower.
Don’t forget to order extra tablecovers for the food and gift tables. Table skirts are a nice touch too; they add a more finished and festive look.
Bridal Shower Party Packs are a great way to order the essentials.


When planning any shower, simple is better. Don’t go overboard on the menu, Do a few things great and your guests will be impressed.  (See our simple party recipes)

Pretty trays and serving pieces make any food look nice!  Check out our affordable crystal-look plastic serving pieces.


Shower games are traditional, but spice it up with some fun new ideas.
Create a trivia game about the bride, or the couple.
Who’s The Bride Game; Always good for lots of laughs. Use an entertainment or gossip magazine and cut out the face only, of several celebrities (15 or 20) do not include their hair or clothes, just face. Then use a bridal magazine, cut out full-page pictures of brides in their gown and attach the celebrity faces to the brides. Put each one on a piece of tag board or construction paper, and number them all. Let guests go crazy trying to guess who they are.
A traditional shower game is the dice game. Wrap several favors, enough for each guest and more if you like. Put them all in a pile or basket, and then have guests sit in a circle around them. Pass two pie tins opposite directions, with a pair of dice in each. When someone gets a pair, they get to take a gift. When all the gifts are gone, everyone opens them, and then continue play for 5 minutes, make sure and use a timer.


Treat the Bride-to-be like royalty with a Tiara.
For a surprise party hang a balloon drop and use lots of confetti.