Beach Fun For Everyone

Post Date May 24, 2012

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Nothing says “summer” like a day at the beach.

Whether your beach is at the ocean, lake, or a pool and sandbox in your backyard, plan a few activities to make your “day-at-the-beach” fun and memorable.

Beach Activities:

  • Seashell Scavenger Hunt; who can find the best variety of colors and shapes? (if you’re using a backyard sandbox, hide some shells ahead of time)
  • A Limbo Contest will entertain kids of all ages.
  • Sandcastle Contest with a twist; if you have a large group hand out different colored shovels and buckets. Each child must find their contest partner by matching their colors.
  • Flying Disc contest; who can throw the farthest, or what team can last the longest without dropping the disc.
  • Set up a Tropical Fish Bean Bag Toss game in the sand.

  Tropical Bean Bag Toss


Mix up a batch of this and kids can snack all day long. It won’t melt or spoil in the hot sun.

Beach Snack Mix

Start with a large zip-top bag and add one cup each of:

          • Pretzel sticks (driftwood)
          • Chow mien noodles (seaweed)
          • Peanuts (beach pebbles)
          • Toasted Oat “O” cereal (float tubes)
          • Gummy Life-Savers (life preservers)
          • Gummy Worms & Sharks (sea creatures)
          • Gold Fish Crackers
          • Dried fruits or raisins (sunken sea treasures)

Coconut Cups


Serve lemonade in tropical cups or coconut cups and add colorful straws, stir sticks and little umbrellas for the ultimate beach beverage!

Sea, Sun & Surf, what’s not to love?

A day-at-the-beach is an affordable mini-vacation! With a little planning you can keep your “sea-monkeys” entertained for hours.

Where is your favorite beach?