Family Time – Patriotic Pride

Post Date June 24, 2012

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As Memorial Day and Independence Day approach, we sometimes take the holidays for granted. A day off  school and work, maybe a picnic in the backyard.

It’s easy to forget the true meaning of these special days for our country.

Here are a few tips to instill an appreciation in young people:



Patriotic decorations in red, white and blue will send the message that this is a day to celebrate. Kids love celebrations of any kind. Let them help you make your home festive, explain your reasons for decorating and answer question along the way.


Pat football










Patriotic toys and novelty will actively engage your kids in the spirit of the holiday. Pinwheels, Gliders, Flag Yo-Yos and Playground Balls are just a few examples of fun red,white & blue toys.





Americana Party Pack

What better way to get your message across than food? Start with some festive Patriotic Tableware, then involve your kids and make some red, white & blue food.

Just these simple ideas will help create a curiosity and sense of pride in your kids.  Seeing you celebrate will begin to instill in them an appreciation of America. Make sure to tell them why you are decorating, or making fun food. They will soon begin to grasp the importance of the celebration.