The Summer Games In Your Backyard

Post Date July 19, 2012

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Summer Games

The Summer Games are coming July 27 to August 12! Are you getting ready to celebrate? Host your own backyard summer games and watch the fun ensue! We’ve got terrific ideas for you to take your summer games celebration to the next level. With our ideas and a little creativity, you can create loads of fun in your own backyard for kids and adults of all ages.

Summer Games Ideas

  • Archery: Set up a dart board area with Velcro darts (they’re safer)
  • Baseball: Have ‘em trying their pitching arm with a fun Baseball Game
  • Basketball: If you’ve got a hoop in the driveway, have free throw contests
  • Football: Set up an Inflatable Goal Post for field goals
  • Golf: Tee up a unique golf corner with a Golf Game
  • Gymnastics: Create a balance beam with a long piece of tape on the driveway
  • Handball: Have contests using our fun Paddle Balls
  • Volleyball: Pick a corner of the yard for beach ball volleyball