Make Your Own Scratch-Off Valentines

Post Date January 1, 2013

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Here’s another make-it-yourself Valentine idea your kids will love. They can make their own Scratch-off Valentines! How cool is that?


Instructions for making Scratch-off Valentines:


  • tagboard, cardstock or heart cutouts (4” heart cutouts)
  • clear contact or laminate paper (sticky on one side)
  • permanent marker or paint pen
  • metallic acrylic paint (from any craft store)
  • liquid dish soap



  1. Choose a simple heart shape for your valentine like these 4” heart cutouts. Or cut out your own shapes and designs using tag board or card stock.
  2. Write your message with a permanent marker on the shape of choice. Of course any message you create will work, and making each one personal would be really cool. But if you are stumped here are some generic ideas:
  3. Your Friendship is worth a million bucks!
  4. You’re a lotto fun!
  5. You’re priceless!
  6. You’re a winner in my book!
  7. Cover your cutout or shape with clear laminate or contact paper and trim to fit. This will create a surface conducive to scratching-off. (*note – if you use a cutout shape such as these 4” heart cutouts the surface is already smooth and shiny and you will not need to add the contact paper, just write your message on the heart.)
  8. Mix together 2 tablespoons of metallic acrylic paint (available at any craft store) and 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Any color metallic acrylic paint will work, but silver will give the most traditional scratch-off appearance.
  9. Paint the mixture over your message and allow to dry. After the first coat is completely dry, paint a second coat, and allow to dry. Use your judgement and paint as many coats as it needs to cover the message completely. Usually 2-3 is sufficient. Dry completely

And….Voila!  Your very own homemade Scratch-off Valentines!