Easter Bunny Craft Idea

Post Date March 22, 2013

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BunnyEggCup01At Easter time it’s a tradition for us to do a craft that can be used at each table setting for Easter brunch or dinner. This year we found these cute bunnies and treat cups. So simple and inexpensive with just a few materials needed, you can add a name to the front of the cup or the plate for personalized place settings. Kids and adults of any age enjoy making these adorable Egg Bunnies and Treat Cups!

Egg Bunny

Materials needed:

  • Egg – this can be a real hard boiled egg, dyed Easter egg or a plastic egg.
  • Napkin – coordinate this with the egg color.
  • Paper cup – choose any Spring or Easter color.
  • Curling Ribbon – choose a color that contrasts the napkin and cup.
  • Stickers or embellishments – for eyes, nose, and buttons.
  • Paper plate – luncheon or dessert size, choose a spring solid color or Easter design.


Start by opening up the napkin, lay in a diamond shape in front of you. Start at the low point close to you and fold in 1/2″ to 1″ folds.  When you get to the opposite corner pick it up and wrap it around your egg, the middle of the napkin should sit under the largest end of the egg. At the top of the egg, bring the two pieces together and tie with a piece of curling ribbon.

Open the napkin folds to look like ears. Curl the ribbon. Add eyes, nose or any other facial decorations you like.

Turn the cup upside down and cut a small hole in the bottom of the cup, making sure it is smaller than the egg. This will create a spot for the egg to sit.

Decorate the front of the cup with buttons, bow ties, or any fun decorations you like.

Optional ideas: Add names to the cup or plate and/or hide a special treat under the cup. If you use plastic eggs you could hit a surprise inside the egg.


Treat Cup

Make a cute treat cup to go along with your bunny.

Start with a paper cup matching your bunny body. Cut 6 slits about 1″ down from the top, at equal intervals, all the way around the cup.

Fill your cup half full with jelly beans or other treats, then fold the flaps down one at a time, creating a pinwheel effect.