Company Holiday Party Tips

Post Date October 24, 2013

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The annual Holiday Office Party can sometimes seem like a ho-hum event.  This year, turn
that around, surprise your employees and throw a GIANT PARTY they will remember!


  • Choose a location that is completely separate from the day-to-day work environment.

The purpose of the party is to thank your employees, and give them a chance to relax
and have a good time. That’s hard to do when they are in their work environment.

  • If your budget allows, rent a room or hall at a restaurant or hotel.  These facilities will

often have options and packages for food and beverages.

  • Plan an outing that includes an activity:
  • Rent a bus, bring snacks and refreshments, and take a tour of holiday lights.
  • Rent a room at a bowling alley and have a big bowling tournament
  • Go ice skating; see if there is a room or space you can rent at your local ice rink,

or go skating first and then meet for food and festivities at a local restaurant.

  • Attend a holiday play, musical or concert.
  • Check your area for local attractions, parades, and holiday activities.
  • Get creative, think about local museums, art galleries, or historical sites.


  • As soon as you have your location secured, its time to pick a theme. Theme parties make planning

easier for you, and make the party more entertaining for your guests.

  • The options are endless, but some ideas include; Casino Night, Hollywood Soirée,

Back to the 50’s, Fiesta, Western Round Up, Totally 80’s or Parisian Paradise.

  • Keep in mind that your theme does not have to be Holiday related.
  • When you have a theme in mind, you can incorporate it into the invitations, decorations

and events. You may even want to invite your guests to dress according to the theme.

Season of Giving

Decide whether you want to incorporate some sort of charity giving. You could ask guests to
bring a toy, food or monetary donation, or you could take the whole gang to serve at a local
shelter or soup kitchen, before commencing with the planned festivities. Try incorporating contests,
for example see who collects the most toys, or create teams and see who gathers the most food
items or pounds.


Your décor options will depend on your venue. No matter where it is, make sure to go all out!
This is one time when going overboard is okay!

  • Choose décor that compliments your theme.
  • Add the wow factor with an elaborate theme kit.
  • Fill your space with festivity! Decorate with mini-lights, gossamer, festooning,

balloons and streamers.

  • A custom banner welcoming your guests, and thanking your employees

is a great added feature.


Your food options will also depend on your venue.

  • If your party location serves food, look at their catering and buffet menus. They

may offer specials for holiday functions, or may have packages that include
the room rental and food.

  • Choose gourmet options, fancy appetizers and Hors devours, special desserts,

and hot meals; this isn’t an occasion for chips and potato salad.  Your goal is to
treat your employees. Serve them a meal that is better than everyday food.
Make them feel special and appreciated.

Favors and Gifts
Gifts and favors are important, even required by most standards.
This is your time to thank your employees for their service all year long. Consider what their contribution has meant to your company. Avoid company products, or items with the
company logo. It will appear cheap and uncaring. Instead opt for more personal gifts, individual selections, or generous gifts of money or gift cards to local restaurants, stores and events.
Depending on your venue or theme, you may want to incorporate gifts and favors into the
activities of the event. If you’ll be bowling or hosting a casino night, consider prizes
for the winners, or tickets that can be used towards larger prizes at the end of the night.
Just make sure that everyone has something in hand when they go home.

With a little ingenuity, you can throw a company party that your employees will
Enjoy and appreciate. Planning ahead is key, and incorporating party supplies that will
enhance your event or theme will make all the difference.