Christmas Party Games & Activities

Post Date December 1, 2013

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Celebrating the holidays is even more fun with some games & activities to get your guests interacting with each other. Whether you’re planning an office party, a family celebration, or a neighborhood gathering, these games will make everything more festive.


Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Start with a poster of a reindeer. Make noses from red construction paper, or sticky-back foam sheets.


134-600-137P08-Mister-and-Missus-Clause-Photo-Prop-000Pie Throwing Contest/Fundraiser

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned pie throwing contest! Using a photo prop adds some fun to your event and keeps the pie off the clothes. This is a great opportunity for a fundraiser, if your group or organization is raising funds for a particular charity.Charge a few dollars for the chance to throw the pie at the boss!


Photo Op

Using one of these adorable photo props is always a hit. Choose from the Elf Couple (shown) , or Mr. & Mrs. Clause Photo Prop. An instant camera or a digital camera connected to a printer will give you instant party favors! Give your guests a Create-It Frame to decorate and take home their keepsake photo. Put out markers, glitter, ribbons, etc. and let guests go crazy decorating their own frame. (nobody will EVER forget your party!)



Who Am I?

Prepare sticky name tags before your guests arrive, on each one write one holiday character. For example, Frosty the Snow Man, Baby Jesus, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Scrooge, George Bailey, etc. When your guests arrive stick one on each persons back. They have to figure out the name on their back by only asking yes or no questions of other guests. This is a great ice-breaker for gatherings of people that don’t know each other very well.


Ornament Game

Have each guest bring a Christmas Ornament that represents them in some way. Play a game of guessing who brought each ornament. Then do a gift exchange so everyone goes home with a new ornament.


Minute to Win It – Christmas Edition

Use Christmas items to create one minute challenges for your guests. Here are some examples:

  • Christmas Ball Race – Contestants race across the floor and/or through an obstacle course using a Christmas ball and a wrapped gift box for a fan to move the ornament.
  • Christmas Ball Conveyor-Played with two people. Stand, facing each other, at a distance to be determined by how difficult you wish the challenge to be. A ribbon is wrapped around both players’ waists, creating a loop surrounding them both. The first player has a bowl with Christmas ornaments on hooks as well as a small Christmas tree beside him. To play the game, the first player hooks an ornament on the ribbon. The two players must then spin in tandem in order to move the ornament all the way around the ribbon, ending up back with the first player, who must then hang it on the tree. Make the game more difficult by requiring more ornaments to be transferred around the “conveyor.”
  • Christmas Jingle -Based on the game Spoon Tune, Christmas Jingle requires a bit of prep work before playing. 11 glasses must be filled with varying amounts of water, tuned so that they play the notes of the first line of the Christmas song Jingle Bells when tapped with a metal spoon. Place the prepared glasses in random order on a table. To play the game, the contestant must rearrange the glasses in the proper order to play the song.
  • Deck the Balls-Another game for teams of two. Using an empty wrapping paper tube, the first player uses suction from his mouth to lift an ornament with the tube, and transfer it to the second player. The second player must receive the ornament in the same fashion (with a wrapping paper tube and suction), and then hang it on an awaiting string (hung in a clothesline fashion). To win this game, players must hang three ornaments in this method in a minute or less.
  • Do you Hear what I Hear? -To set up Do You Hear What I Hear, take seven gift-wrapped boxes of the same size and place small jingle bells in each of them. Boxes should contain the following number of bells: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35. Place the closed boxes on a table. To play the game, the contestant must arrange the boxes in order by the number of bells they contain, from smallest to largest. Contestants can pick up and shake the boxes, but they must not look inside.


Christmas parties and gatherings are always more fun & memorable with some fun games and activities. Give one or two of these a try. If you have a great game idea, please share it with us! We’d love to hear about it.