Hello, Spring!

Post Date March 24, 2014

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Spring was, by far, my grandmother’s favorite time of year. She would recruit my mom to set up her birdfeeder as soon as it was possible. For students, it means cabin fever sets in and they can stretch their legs while they take a break from studying. Birds return to their homes after a long flight back. After some months, the grass can breathe from being under layers of ice and snow. It means puddles and rain boots, and a sudden change in the smell of the air—going from crisp to somewhat sweet. Fragrant. With all of these changes comes celebration. spring, welcome spring, sping fun, spring activities, spring crafts


If you work in an office setting or a more public place, it can be as simple as setting some flower baskets on desks or wreaths on entrance doors! For events, even something as simple as having all-season flower bouquets as centerpieces can brighten up a lunch or dinner.


Mini-scenes are also a great way to bring in spring. Our Birdhouse Scene Kit gives a great spring feeling with look of a garden with some unique light post design! And, don’t forget, you can never go wrong with balloons. They can be put up at an entrance or weighted to the floor in hallways.


Want some activities to reference for some spring fun? Visit http://spoonful.com/spring to get some great tips, crafts and activities.


A new season is coming fast! No matter how you usher it in, be sure to step outside and get a good whiff of the air—because it’s changing.


And, if you need ideas on party planning, here are some links that can help you get started:


Spring tableware:  http://www.mnpartystore.com/Search.aspx?free=blooming%20tulips%20&t=Spring&dis=0


Birdhouse Scene Kit:  http://www.mnpartystore.com/Decorating-Supplies/Decorating-Kits/Birdhouse-Scene-Kit