National Nursing Home Week Ideas: Luau Vacation Fun!

Post Date March 31, 2014

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Tropical luaus are some of the most fun parties to throw. The colors are bright and vivid, the snacks are refreshing, and the scenery is breathtaking! And, when you give your residents the opportunity to travel island style to the best vacation destinations, it can give them a whole new level of fun and stimulation. The week can be drawn out into different locations: for example, Monday could be the Gulf Islands, or a breakdown of several of those islands over a few days. Tuesday could be the Cayman Islands, Wednesday could be Aruba, and one could be Jamaica! You could take the residents to sandy beaches in Fiji, or the remote islands of Indonesia.


Another idea you could propose is having a “cruise” and the residents could go from place to place each day in that specific route, and you could combine your already existing Luau theme with a nautical type theme. For an activity, you can have a Hula Hoop Tutorial and teach the residents how to hula hoop! Here is a starting tutorial video for teaching:



For those that don’t want to be limited to just a Luau theme for National Nursing Home Week, a nostalgic Decades theme also works perfectly as well with memorabilia from the residents’ memories. They can enjoy a decade every day of the week! You can change any aspect of this (Luau, Decades, or a completely different theme altogether) and adapt it to your particular retirement community and the acuity of the residents under your care.


Click here for Decades items, and click here for Luau Party Items to get your National Nursing Home Week planning on its way!