Sr. Living Spring Event Essentials

Post Date March 20, 2014

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There is nothing like the first smells of green leaves returning and warmer weather just around the corner! My grandma was born in spring, and it was also her favorite time of year — her hobby was birdwatching, and the small bird feeder outside her apartment window was cleaned out and filled with fresh seed as soon as the snow melted. She loved purple finches — they were her favorite to see swoop onto the little metal platform, alongside orioles.

spring flower

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

I can imagine that if she was here, she would be setting up her bird feeder right at this moment.

As these days become longer and the air warms up, here are a few fun spring activities and ideas:

1) Mini putt putt course/tournament.  This can be done at your discretion outdoors or indoors, and you can offer unique prizes for the resident with the best score! This has worked very well for any kind of event, and you can also add themes to it dress it up like a party.

2) New language courses.  This can give residents a chance to stretch their minds and possibly learn a language they have always wanted to speak but never got the opportunity. You can have a teacher come for weekly lessons depending on availability, or have the retirement residents group up according to what language they may want to study!

3) Get an exotic pet, or have an exotic pet showing. While taking into account allergies and cleanliness, you can brainstorm fun pets to have in a community room or in a collective area. This gives them a cheerful, kooky part to their day. They can also sign up to take care of it, rotating daily, every few days, or once a week. Possible pet ideas: turtles, hedgehogs, hermit crabs, exotic fish, hamsters, etc. There have even been communities that have had dog shows!

4) Karaoke! Have the residents vote on their favorite singers and crooners and let them have a night of singing and or dancing.

5) Outdoor picnics. Travel to a place you can find out about, and see if there are places you can venture to that you and the resdients have never been before.


In any case, providing activities for spring will usher in a great season of fun activities and things to do!