St. Patrick’s Day Decorations!

Post Date March 3, 2014

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I always looked forward to S.t Patrick’s Day when I was a little girl — it meant that something exciting was coming! We either did crafts, had fun snacks, or drew fun pictures — and now, I look back on that with warmth and fondness. It seemed like there were an endless collection of things to do, and how we could celebrate it.


There can always be a new way of transforming a party space. For those of us that have a hard time imagining it, here are some trigger ideas that could get you brainstorming for your St. Patty’s Day! Here are the following things you can think about getting together:


1) Mini terrariums — Green is the color of the holiday, yes? You can totally use that to your advantage by gathering plants and or glass terrariums that are lifelike to create that lush feeling of being right in Dublin, Ireland. (The classic four leaf clover is a great example!) They usually come in a glass orb or contain of some kind, and if you don’t want to spend money on a perishable plant, you can always choose a plastic plant or setting to get the same effect.


2) Burlap sack with overflowing gold coins for your door — All you need is some white filling (like for pillows), plastic four leaf clovers, and some plastic gold coins. Tape them to your door as if they are falling out of the burlap sack and it gives the look that there is a sack of gold!


3) Create your own pot o’ gold! — Get some paint and glitter and decorate a clay pot or any little “cauldron” you choose, and then use any candy or chocolate that has gold wrapping! Great for offices and teachers’ desks.


Or, start with a decorating kit if you are throwing a party or need to cover a space! Our 37 Piece Decorating Kit has all your basic essentials to get a space filled with Irish luck.


MN_Blog_2 decorating kit


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