Beat the Heat with National Ice Cream Month!

Post Date July 1, 2014

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It may seem like a no brainer that July – often the gateway month into the “dog days of summer”—would be the month when people celebrate a refreshing cone of ice cream! But until 1800, ice cream was an exotic treat only for the ones wealthy enough to access it. Once WWII came around, ice cream was a huge morale booster for soldiers in service, and then it was regularly consumed after the war and it became a familiar pastime. Each American on average consumed 20 quarts per person!

caramel ice cream

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When production and machines made ice cream a mass production commodity, ice cream parlors and soda fountain shops seemed to phase out. However, now, that unique and wonderful aspect of ice cream culture has returned recently: small shops with their own branding, flavors, and atmosphere have resurfaced again and provide the nostalgia and pastime of going out to get ice cream instead of just picking it up at the grocery store. However you enjoy it, though, makes a delicious refreshment.


So, to get involved in this refreshing and fun tradition, you can plan an ice cream social! Rent out a public space or host from your own private home/place and invite the neighborhood or your circle of friends. Have games available (outdoor is always a fun twist) or even show a movie afterward! However it looks, just remember the treat that ice cream really is and even if things don’t go the way you planned, people will gather for the sweetness of a frozen treat on a hot summer day.


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