Paper! Paper! Paper!

Post Date November 6, 2014

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The holidays are coming sooner than we realize – and that means that bringing out the decorations and planning for plenty of festive, fun community events and gatherings.  It can be stressful – and small items and details add up quickly. It’s a common picture to feel and see a scramble in the midst of trying to prep a space. You can minimize that impending feeling of stress and add to your savings by using paper for décor. This will not only be easy on your pocketbook, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you could decorate large sections of space and transform any part of a room with a small amount of effort! Here are some ideas you can take and run with:


  • Use backdrop paper to show off handmade shapes. For example, the Winterview Corrugated Paper Roll provides a great base for the addition of skaters, skiers, and snowmen created out of paper, collage, or felt. You decide what to make, and then place them on display wherever you think is best!
  • Solid and patterned papers work great if you have a display where you need to cover up anything you deem unsightly like electrical chords, prop holders, bases, operational remotes, etc.
  • Spruce up any announcement board with colored background papers, borders/trims, or cutouts.
  • Having a performance or a play? Choose a printed patterned background to create a new setting with less setup and less teardown. M&N offers rolls that look like stone, wood, and brick.
  • Looking for an art project? Use tissue to create decorative fans, doorframes, or streamers.


Don’t be afraid to think outside what you normally do for decorations! You can even include guests/residents in on creating or including their own mark or creation on the decorations. By doing this, you’ll give them the opportunity to share in the experience and be excited/more engaged in the upcoming festivities.