Kick those post-Christmas blues!

Post Date December 31, 2014

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Don’t let the passing of Christmas get you down! There’s plenty more you can do to celebrate and have fun in the days and weeks to come. Here’s a sample of some unique and funky holidays you can use to celebrate the new year:


January 4th – Trivia Day

8th – English Toffee Day – Toffee or caramel? Are they the same? Turns out that toffee is more like a brittle candy while caramel gets its gooey consistency from milk and butter. Long live toffee!

10th – Houseplant Appreciation Day – Studies have shown that houseplants respond to noise around them – the noisier and cacophonous, the more likely the plant will die. Say hello to your plants! Softly, of course.

11th – Amelia Earhart Day – Go for adventure today!

14th – Dress Up Your Pet Day – Make sure to take pictures to capture the cuteness.

28th – National Kazoo Day 






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