President’s Day: Quirky George Washington B-Day Facts

Post Date January 9, 2015

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We all know the basics about George, right? His birthday is coming up on February 16th! Here are some things that your history class might have skipped:


1) He didn’t wear a wig. That was all his real hair—he just powdered it.


2) No one will ever surpass him in military rank. As “General of the Armies”, he was voted into it by Congress because of his inaugural position in US history. The title has not existed since his presidency!

Image credit goes to

Image credit goes to


3) He wasn’t always the picture of health. To name a few diseases/conditions he contracted: malaria, smallpox, diphtheria, dysentery, tonsillitis, pneumonia, and TB.


4) He owned his own whiskey distillery. He moved quite a lot since there was a high demand for it in his area.


5) The wooden teeth story never happened — but he did have bad teeth. He did have only one tooth left when he stepped up to the podium for his inauguration.


Want to know more? Thanks to MentalFloss, there are some hidden snippets of Geroge’s life you can find out for yourself!


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