Fun St. Patrick’s Day Facts

Post Date March 2, 2015

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Thanks to some witty friends over at MentalFloss, we can shine some light on facts that might have slipped past history class. See for yourself what you thought you knew, and what stuff of legend still rings true…


  1. Patrick, or “Patricius”, wasn’t his name until he became a priest. It was actually Maewyn.
  2. If you hear the phrase “Erin go Bragh!” shouted in the buzzing St. Patty’s Day spots and pubs, not to worry. It roughly means “Forever Ireland!”
  3. Leprechauns get a bad cultural image about their finances, as some folks now say they steal and hoard their gold—but in original tales they actually work as shoe cobblers and receive gold as their payment!
  4. Corned beef doesn’t really have “corn”, as in from the husk! “Corn” was another word for the larger salt grains used to preserve meats. Calling the traditional Irish meal “salted beef and cabbage” is not as colorful, is it?



Want more fun facts about St. Patty’s Day? Visit MentalFloss for the full list here:



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St. Patrick’s Day postcard, 1908.