Cool Ideas for Your Birthday Party Cakes

Post Date May 18, 2015

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M&N Party Store Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday parties are always a festive day. In a residence center, you may be celebrating birthdays a lot. Whether you celebrate birthdays for each person or by birth month, a birthday is always a fun excuse for a party.

We understand that residents may have limitations when it comes to celebrating birthdays, especially when it comes to the cake. In addition to health or mobility issues, we understand that some residents may simply not want to see that many candles on their cake. We can help make birthday cakes a lot more fun for your residents!


Don’t have enoMNPartyStore_birthdaycake ideasugh candles?
Try some of these ideas:

  • Write the number with frosting on top of the cake
  • “Write” the number on the cake with candies or chocolate chips
  • Use single number candles often used by little kids
  • Instead of a big cake, try a cupcake with a single candle
  • Put one candle on the recipient’s slice ONLY
  • Forget the candles and cake, serve cookies with the number on them



mnpartystore_Cake-SliceYou can also use these unique ideas to “blow out” candles:

  • Let air out of a balloon
  • Use a hand fan
  • Invert a mug/teacup over the flame


Try any or all of these ideas when celebrating your residents’ birthdays. They’re a fun twist on traditional birthday parties and birthday cakes.

We wish all of your residents a very happy birthday!