5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Black Friday at Your Senior Center

Post Date November 5, 2015

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With all of the hoopla that surrounds Black Friday, folks in nursing homes or assisted living centers may feel left out of the excitement. Give “Black Friday” a different spin, so all of your residents can feel more involved with this annual “crazy” day. Organize activities, both profitable and recreational, that will engage your residents and their families.


1. Plan a “Garage” Sale.
Turn Black Friday into a profitable opportunity for your residents and their families. Have residents, and their family members and friends, donate just a couple of things apiece. You will amass a great assortment of sales items in a short time. Then, on Black Friday, set up your items and invite people to shop.


2. Organize an Arts and Crafts Sale.
This is another fun idea that can produce a little extra cash for your and your residents when money is tight or non-existent. Encourage your artistic residents to donate a few of their creations (knitting, crocheting, beading, etc.) to the sale, and spread the word to family members and friends to solicit some more donations. Then, turn Black Friday into an Art and Crafts Sale Day.





3. Black Friday Blackout BINGO.MN_PartyStore_BingoSheets
Set aside some time on Black Friday to play a special version of BINGO. Players have to have a coverall blackout pattern on their BINGO cards to win.


4. Black Friday Ball.
The stores may be full of pushy shoppers and loud customers, but you can make it a little more mellow at your nursing home or assisted living center. Organize a special lunch and play some fun tunes. You can even have your residents dress up to make it more formal.


5. Non-Black Black Friday.
Black Friday doesn’t have to be a dark day. Have a Non-Black Black Friday, where the rule is: you can’t wear black at all. Encourage your residents to wear their brightest colors. Decorate your cafeteria and lounges in vivid color streamers, cutouts, fabrics, and tableware to make the place more festive.