Countdown to A Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Party!

Post Date November 16, 2016

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New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest parties of the year. It’s never too late to plan an amazing, rockin’ New Year’s party with your friends and family! Use this handy countdown checklist to properly plan for your New Year’s celebration.MNPartyStore_Champagne_NYE



o Determine a budget for your New Year’s Eve party.

o Determine how to allocate your funds (location, decorations, menu, etc.)

o Have plans in place if you come in over or under budget.

o Figure out where to cut back if you’re over budget.

o Put any extra funds toward a door prize for your guests.


GUEST LISTMNPartyStore_NYE_Centerpieces

o Draw up a list of people you want to invite. Be sure to determine if your guests

can bring additional guests; make it clear on invites that that is an option.

o Order enough invitations for everyone and send them out.



o Your small or large guest list will determine your space.

o Company or other large-scale guest lists will need a big space

o Look at and rent a room/space.

o Renting space may include food, tables, chairs, and drinks,

so, be sure to allocate enough funds.

o Make sure there is adequate parking available for all guests.

o Ask whether decorations are allowed in your party space.

o Smaller guest lists, like family parties, may only require your living room.




o Make a wish list of all the decorations you want for your New Year’s Eve party.

o Consider where you will put decorations (ceilings, tables, walls, floor, etc.).

o Ceiling décor can be anything from draped gossamer, balloons, or


o Table décor includes centerpieces, chair covers, table skirts, and covers.

o Wall decorations include fabrics, cutouts, lights, and curtains.

o Other decorations to consider are balloon arches, photo stand ups,

mini lights, or special effects machines.MNPartyStore_NYE_Mural



o Determine if you are having a full meal with dessert, or appetizers and drinks.

o If you’re having a full meal for a large guest list, will it be sit-down style or buffet?

o For a full meal at a small gathering, consider having a potluck.



o Choose songs that suit your guest list.

o Make a list of games to play at smaller parties, like charades, board games,

or even karaoke.

o If you’re having a large-scale celebration, consider casino games or a DJ for




o Giveaways can be anything from table settings, door prizes, or raffle prizes.

o Order or pick up candy, coupons, gift certificates, crafts, centerpieces, and other

small prizes to hand out throughout the evening.



o Once you’ve checked everything off this checklist, kick back, and enjoy your

New Year’s Eve party with your family, friends, or co-workers.