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Top 10 Tips for a Rockin’ Fourth of July Celebration

The Fourth of July is always full of fun and excitement, for kids, grandparents, and everyone in between. This year, make your Independence Day celebration extra special with 10 great tips to cover the entire day, from decorations to food to games.   Set up a red, white, and blue beverage station with Watermelon Mint  Continue Reading »

President’s Day: Quirky George Washington B-Day Facts

  We all know the basics about George, right? His birthday is coming up on February 16th! Here are some things that your history class might have skipped:   1) He didn’t wear a wig. That was all his real hair—he just powdered it.   2) No one will ever surpass him in military rank.  Continue Reading »

Senior Living: Thank A Vet!

  What can we say when we think of our senior veterans? Whether one thinks about WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or more current conflicts, a flood of memories comes along with heroic and tragic stories. If you know these brave servicemen and servicewomen who have walked through these or any other wars in their lifetimes, you  Continue Reading »

American Legion Celebrates America: Honor the Past, Celebrate Today

Both my uncles served in the military — one with the Navy (the Tet Offensive in Vietnam), the other in the Air Force. I didn’t know much about this as a young girl, but I began to piece it together recently.   I remember walking into their favorite legions and suddenly they were entirely known  Continue Reading »

Family Time – Patriotic Pride

  As Memorial Day and Independence Day approach, we sometimes take the holidays for granted. A day off  school and work, maybe a picnic in the backyard. It’s easy to forget the true meaning of these special days for our country. Here are a few tips to instill an appreciation in young people:   Decorate  Continue Reading »

Patriotic Cutlery Wraps

  A fun and easy way to jazz up your 4th of July celebrations, or Memorial Day picnics; this festive patriotic cutlery. These cute silverware wraps are easy to make and fun for the whole family to make. Materials:   Red, white and blue plastic silverware  Red, white or blue napkins Patriotic Streamers Clear tape Patriotic Top Hat (optional)  Continue Reading »


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