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Autumn Celebrations From Around the World

Autumn is the traditional time of harvest and abundance, and most countries around the world celebrate this season is one form or another. Before you create your own fall party, check out these festivals from other countries to get some great ideas that you can incorporate into your own celebration.   China   The Mid-Autumn  Continue Reading »

St. Pat’s Dessert Recipes!

It’s time to bring in that luck again this year! Even though I haven’t had a huge heritage/history with the good ol’ Irish, my relatives would always tell me about their traditions of having corn beef and cabbage on St. Patty’s Day. For those with more of a sweet tooth (and less cabbage), here are  Continue Reading »

Summer Party Idea Guide

Looking for fun ideas for your Summer parties and gatherings? Download this FREE idea guide, full of recipes, decorating ideas and party inspiration. From Mother’s Day to Labor Day and every celebration in between, you’ll get great ideas to make your parties fun and memorable.   (Click anywhere on the image to open)      Continue Reading »

Throw a Luau Party!

Winter doldrums knocking at your door? Host a Tropical Luau Party! I love to feast on fun food and entertain friends, and the luau theme is always a huge success. Tropical entertaining is so versatile, your guest list can be altered to suit adults only or set up as a family friendly affair. Give guests  Continue Reading »

Party Recipes – Hot Dips

Oozy and cheesy, gooey and warm. Who doesn’t love a warm dip? These will be a hit with your guests every time!   Warm Bacon Cheese Dip Warm and filling, a bacon-lover’s delight   1 – Round Loaf Sourdough Bread 8 oz  – Cream Cheese, softened 1 1/2 Cup – Sour Cream (12 oz) 2  Continue Reading »

Tailgating – Bacon Recipes

It’s football season. And is there anything better than football? One could argue that Bacon is right up there on the list. Put the two together and you’re sure to score a touchdown! After all who can resist the smoky, salty goodness of BACON? When you’re planning your next tailgating party or making snacks for the big  Continue Reading »

5 Amazing Backyard Barbecue Party Recipes

  The Backyard Barbecue; Summer’s Perfect Dinner Party.  Whether formal or  casual, a barbecue can be enjoyed by young and old. We’ve come up with some amazing recipes that will impress your guests and have them begging for your secrets.   Teriyaki Chicken or Beef Skewers Italian Stuffed Turkey Burgers Strawberry Pecan Salad Amazingly Cheesy  Continue Reading »

Party Recipes – Sweet Snacks

  A must-have at any gathering, simple or elegant. Sweet treats give your guests something to nibble on, and can be served after a meal, as a precursor to dessert, or as the dessert itself! One thing is for sure, everyone appreciates some sweet snacks. Here are a few ideas to get you started.    Continue Reading »

Party Recipes – Cold Dips

  Everyone loves a good dip- served with chips, crackers, veggies or fruit, you can never go wrong with a great dip recipe!   Spinach Dip Tried and true – always delicious 10 oz              Spinach, frozen, chopped 1 small can   Water Chestnuts, chopped 8 oz                 Sour Cream 1 Cup             Mayonnaise 1/4 Cup          Onion, finely chopped  Continue Reading »

Party Recipes – Appetizers

Hot Appetizers Warm appetizers fill your space with delicious aromas and warm your party guest’s heart and soul. Party Meatballs A party-pleasing standard, easy to simplify 2 lbs              Ground Beef 1 Cup             Bread crumbs or Cracker Crumbs 1/2 Cup          Onions, finely chopped 2                   Eggs, lightly beaten 2 Tbsp           Fresh Parsley, chopped 1 1/2 tsp        Salt  Continue Reading »


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