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Fun St. Patrick’s Day Facts

  Thanks to some witty friends over at MentalFloss, we can shine some light on facts that might have slipped past history class. See for yourself what you thought you knew, and what stuff of legend still rings true…   Patrick, or “Patricius”, wasn’t his name until he became a priest. It was actually Maewyn.  Continue Reading »

St. Patrick’s Day Decorations!

I always looked forward to S.t Patrick’s Day when I was a little girl — it meant that something exciting was coming! We either did crafts, had fun snacks, or drew fun pictures — and now, I look back on that with warmth and fondness. It seemed like there were an endless collection of things  Continue Reading »

St. Patty’s Day Party Crafts

St .Patrick’s Day is a great time to get crafty! From the simplest of paper folding projects to the most elaborate leprechaun replicas, families and schools and many more participate in creating fun projects.   In this, we want you to have access to some ideas for what to do with your school, children, and  Continue Reading »

St. Pat’s Dessert Recipes!

It’s time to bring in that luck again this year! Even though I haven’t had a huge heritage/history with the good ol’ Irish, my relatives would always tell me about their traditions of having corn beef and cabbage on St. Patty’s Day. For those with more of a sweet tooth (and less cabbage), here are  Continue Reading »


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