Retro Series  Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker

Product Details

Now this is a sweet party idea! Guests of all ages will vote your gathering as the best party ever when you set up this Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker. The cotton candy maker actually transforms hard candies into fluffy and fun to eat cotton candy. The table-top model with suction cup feet for stability measures 13” w x 13” l x 13” h, includes 2 reusable plastic cones, 1 sugar scoop, and 1 extractor head and features a clear rim guard for guests to watch the next batch being made. The Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker can be used with hard candy, sugar-free hard candy or flossing sugar. Whenever you use this cotton candy machine, you are sure to add in an unexpected element of fun to your party. Note: Special promotions or discounts may not be applied to this product.

Retro Series Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker

Item Number: MCM805