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Fifties Drive-In Complete Theme Kit

You can easily set the stage for a fabulous Rockin’ 50s theme party with this complete Fifties Drive-In Theme Kit! Complete theme kit includes materials and instructions to assemble the following kits: 50s Drive-In Diner and Moon Kit (7’10”h x 22’w x 12’6”d), Juke Box Kit (5’9”h x 3’3”w x 9”d), 4 Classic Car Kits: Pink Chevy Car (2’10”h x 5’9”w x 9”d), Classic Pick-up Truck (4’6”h x 9’3”w x 9”d), and Belair Car Kit (4’h x 13’6”w x 9”d), Hot Rod Kit (4’2”h x 8’8”w x 9”d), Car Hop Gal Kit (6’h x 3’6”w x 9”d), Drive-In Diner Sign Kit (10’10”h x 3’9”w x 13”d), Star Brite Drive-In Sign Kit (11’h x 5’10”w x 18”d), Malt and Burger Sign Kit (11’7”h x 5’3”w x 18”d), Black Palm Tree Silhouette Kit (7’8”h x 46”w x 10”d) and Palm Tree Clusters Kit (10’8”h x 6’w x 4’d). Assembly Required.

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