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Birthday Card Assortment VI

Always be prepared when a birthday "sneaks" up on you! This assortment features 20 colorful 5" x 7" birthday cards (10 designs; 2 of each design) with preprinted sentiments inside. Assortment includes 20 white envelopes. Not desktop printable. Sentiments include: Outside: It's Your Birthday! Inside: Have a happy one! Outside: Happy Birthday to You, Make a Wish, Smiles, Happy Day, Celebrate Inside: Have a wonderful day! Outside: Birthday Wishes Inside: for the best birthday ever! Outside: Happy Birthday! Inside: Enjoy Your Day Outside: Happy Birthday Inside: Wrap up a great celebration! Outside: Happy Birthday Inside: It's your day to shine! Outside: Happy Birthday Inside: Wishing you the happiest day ever! Outside: Celebrate! Inside: With friends, fun, laughter, and all things good! Happy Birthday Outside: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Inside: Make the most of you special day! Outside: Happy Birthday! Inside: Here's hoping that all your wishes come true!